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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twitter acquires Summize and extends the official API.

N8807858_4739_normalstevekinney: Twitter – who makes no money – just paid for a service that made no money (Summize). Maybe everything I thought is wrong.

   Great news for all Twitter developers: Twitter will extend the possibilities of the current API with search functionality from summize. now redirects to and as I understand we will soon see a change in the Twitter UI also.

If you need detailed info Alex Payne answers some questions about the acquisition in this post

Why is this important?
   Some applications were already using Summize API, but it's really tricky to count on a 3d party API as it can shut doors or change rules any time it wants. As it is now the part of Twitter developers can count on it and use it, so expect a lot of interesting search and tracking apps to appear in the future.

Threaded @conversations?
Summize can currently locate and display dialogs. The real question that I think is important for most of the Twitter community is if summize will offer this feature to 3d party developers via API. Normal conversation tracking is the #1 feature that Twitter really needs. After Twitter has shut the "PubSub" for most of developers it is impossible to make something like without a special "yes" for Twitter, so the search API is the only hope to get this done.

Michael Arrington's interview with Evan Williams:

you can read the full post at techcrunch.

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